Potable Water, Testing & Treatment in Vancouver

Potable Water, Testing & Treatment in Vancouver

Ensuring your Water is being correctly treated is key to your communities safe use of Water we can provide safe potable water and also sampling and treatment of water.


Best Management Practices

Distribution System Cleaning/Uni-directional Flushing

Your water distribution system-whether large or small requires regular cleaning to guarantee your residents and customers have safe, aesthetically pleasing water.

It's important therefore to understand water quality degradation and to develop appropriate response strategies.

Over time water quality has the potential to deteriorate there are a range of reasons this can occur, an example of this is the material of aged pipes utilize the available chlorine content within your water supply before reaching its desired user.

Pipes should be flushed spring and/or fall to maintain water quality, maximize hydraulic capacity, and to remove stagnant water at dead ends.

In response to non-compliant samples or customer complaints, you can do an organise water main /distribution system flush. This can assist in cleaning pipes that struggle to get a high enough demand to achieve the correct flow velocities to remove entities that may be utilizing the existing chlorine supply of source water.

If you are looking to start a scheduled flushing program with Coastal Utilities Solutions we can contact all the necessary affected parties as this could potentially change the available water to other areas of your municipalities source water. We always do our due diligence in contacting and working alongside those we need to to avoid any complaints regarding required works carried out.
Dependant on the location, heights and layout of your water distribution system we can help identify problematic area's and/or advise where we recommend installing water blow off's [these can help ensure higher levels of flow to areas within your system that have a less demanding user base]

The flushing program can help you track and optimize the water quality data within your community/business. When upkeeping with this over time you will start to see significant changes to your available chlorine count within your communities water.

Watermain Disinfection & Sampling

Coastal Utilities Solutions grab water sampling is based on accepted protocols. The regulated procedure provides bacteriological, chemical and physical testing to evaluate water quality.

The samples are tested for chlorine residual, bacteriological evidence (E.coli, HPC, coliform), temperature and turbidity.

Maximum acceptable concentrations have been established for certain substances known or suspected to cause adverse effects on health. The Health Canada standards have been developed to safeguard health on the basis of lifelong consumption and the use of the water for all usual domestic purposes, including personal hygiene.

Appendix B provides a description of the sampling parameters, allowable limits and a summary of test results.

It's Always On Tap

Drinking Our Water saves money, reduces greenhouse gases, and prevents plastic bottles from ending up in our landfills and oceans. Join the Metro Vancouver Tap Water Team in the effort to reduce the use of bottled water in the region and highlight the pristine source and quality of Our Water.

Overview Of The Act

The Drinking Water Protection Act sets out certain requirements for drinking water operators to ensure the provision of safe drinking water to their customers. In summary, the act:

Requires the approval of water system construction proposals by public health engineers.

Requires that water system operators operate their systems in compliance with the requirements of the act through operating permits that may contain specific conditions and are set and approved by the health authority drinking water officer.

Requires minimum water treatment standards, and monitoring/testing, and specifies water quality standards.

Requires water suppliers to have microbiological samples analyzed by a laboratory that has been approved by the Provincial Health Officer.

Requires public notification of water quality problems.

Requires that operators of water systems that serve more than 500 individuals become certified as operators through the Environmental Operators Certification Program.


What is Backflow & Why Is A Protection Device Necessary?

Backflow is the unwanted reverse flow of liquids in a piping system.The usual causes of reverse flow are back-pressure and/or back-siphonage. A backflow prevention device has internal,one way,spring loaded valves that allow water to flow through the device but seal under backpressure.

In irrigation systems this prevents the possibility of contaminated water sitting in the irrigation piping from back siphoning, past your main water connection, into your drinking supply.

Our Team

We are proud to be a family owned and operated company. Coastal Utilities Solutions strives to instill those family values into the service we provide. We will be with our customers through the entire process of the required works, be it installation; repairs or maintenance. Our goal is to create a quality and long-lasting relationship with our customers and to deliver a calibre of work they can rely on.


If your residential, commercial or municipal facility needs any of the Water sampling, testing or treatment services mentioned, be sure to contact Coastal Utilities Solutions. You can reach us on 778-871-8562 or through our online contact form. We are located in North Vancouver, BC, and are open 24/7 for Emergency.