Water Loss Audits in Vancouver

Water Loss Audits in Vancouver

Coastal Utilities Solutions can assist you in finding out where your water losses are occuring. This can save you and your community money and also avoid pin point problem areas. Often communities may assume the whole water main may need a replacement as there water bill has been increasing year after year. This could be the case but if time is taken to investigate it may come from one problem area within your pipes. This can save lots of unnecessary spending and allow you to take a more proactive approach at budgeting for future water distribution works, allowing your community to save and delegate funds where and when required within your community.

Irrigation & Water Management

There are many benefits to the installation of an irrigation system in commercial or residential landscape. By installing an automatic irrigation system that best suits your needs, you will be saving time and money. When you water by hand more than 50%of the water is wasted in runoff and evaporation. Automatic irrigation systems can be programmed to run at night when evaporation is low in times of water restrictions. Commercial and strata communities will benefit greatly, but the environment will also benefit. This is so important that everyone play their part in water management of this precious resource.


Business & residences are becoming increasingly aware of the need to use water more efficiently to reduce their risk of water shortages & increasing costs. There is a strong case to be made for water efficiency and waste of treated water. In example: an irrigation system set up with no rain sensor is an unnecessary use of water.


Planning is the foundation of effective water management. Facilities should consider forming water management teams to review water use and develop implementation plans in the context of achieving the established management goals. This review allows the communities/organizations to evaluate progress, set new goals, and continually improve.


Metering allows a facility to monitor water use and quickly find and fix leaks or other unnecessary water use. It also has the added benefit of enabling the facility to identify cost-effective water use reduction opportunities and to track project savings.


Leaks are water wasted with no intended use or purpose; once identified, leaks should be the first area to target from a water management perspective. With a few simple steps, a facility can establish a comprehensive leak and repair program, which can save water, money, time and expenses that would otherwise be associated with unmanaged leaks.


Prv Inspections/Maintenance

Keeping your control valves in good health;

Whether that brand new control valve in your system is the first one you have ever had to look after or if you are an old hand at valve maintenance with tens of valves in your system, there are a few simple guidelines and reminders for keeping it operating at optimal performance. Initially we would recommend physically checking on your valves every week or so, assuming everything is running fine in the system.


This inspection is really to check for any leaks in the tubing, checking pressure gauges to ensure valve is actually doing what it is supposed to and generally inspecting for anything that just looks abnormal. If it is determined that something is wrong, always ensure you have the correct instruction manual for the valve.


These days all manufacturers have these available on their websites. As a note of caution, these valves are under pressure and care should be taken to bleed pressure off the valve before you start to take any valves apart. (As a typical example in a 6” valve with 100psi in the line, there is at least 2,800 lbs of force trying to push that cover off the valve, so safety first!)


Leak Detection Survey

The ability to detect leaks, by having a proper water management plan, using water audits thru water metering and water surveys which can identify unnecessary loss of hidden or unreported water leaks in the users distribution system. The implementation of a water management plan to identify water losses to reduce overall operating costs and interruptions to businesses, by having the ability to schedule repairs rather than reactive untimely repairs.

Air In The Pilot System

Air is your number one enemy in the pilot system as it will give false readings and cause poor valve operation. Bleed air from the valve bonnet. If the valve is equipped with a position indicator, on top of the position indicator is a bleed cock. Open the bleed cock slightly by turning the handle counter-clockwise. Otherwise, bleed the air from the high point of the valve. If the water runs clear, and no air bubbles are seen in the glass of the position indicator close the bleed cock. if air is present (the water will be foamy white) run the water until the air is gone.

Our Team

We are proud to be a family owned and operated company. Coastal Utilities Solutions strives to instill those family values into the service we provide. We will be with our customers through the entire process of the required works, be it installation; repairs or maintenance. Our goal is to create a quality and long-lasting relationship with our customers and to deliver a calibre of work they can rely on.


If your residential, commercial or municipal facility needs any of the water loss audits or inspection services mentioned, be sure to contact Coastal Utilities Solutions. Call us at 778-871-8562 or reach us through our online contact form. We are located in Vancouver, BC, and are open 24/7.