Drainage Services in Vancouver

Drainage Services in Vancouver

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Your drainage system is an integral part of your home. Like your plumbing, it requires a certain amount of regular maintenance to keep it in good working order.
For most portions of the foundation wall, water removal and control is of prime importance. However, water removal measures around foundation walls below the water table may be impractical and expensive over the long-term and the waterproofing strategy becomes critical.
In the upper areas of the foundation wall thermal loading considerations must be addressed. Owners are advised to obtain expert advice when designing systems which are below the water table or which are enclosing particularly vulnerable occupancies. Expert advice may also be necessary when dealing with field conditions.

Stormwater Management

The Change in Philosophy from Conveyance to Retention. Traditional urban water management has ignored the water pollution impacts from storm water. As a result of increased land use intensification and increased climate variability it is critical to rethink how we design storm water management systems in new subdivisions and modify traditional systems during infrastructure replacements. The ultimate challenge is how to deal with cumulative problems at the watershed scale.

Innovation Retention & Conveyance

Traditional / Conveyance

Catch Basins

Catch basins are chambers or sumps, usually built at the curb line, which allows surface water runoff to enter the storm water conveyance system. Many catch basins have a low area below the invert of the outlet pipe intended to retain course sediment. By trapping sediment, the catch basin prevents solids from clogging the storm main and being washed into receiving waters. Catch basins must be cleaned periodically to maintain their ability to trap sediment and consequently their ability to prevent flooding. The removal of sediment, decaying debris, and highly polluted water from catch basins has aesthetic and water quality benefits, including reducing foul odors reducing suspended solids and reducing the load of oxygen-demanding substances that reach receiving waters. Catch basin cleaning is easily implemented.

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